Finishing Notes: 

Please leave all sheets to be laminated untrimmed; if you trim to size we will be unable to run your job.

Maximum sheet size                B2

Minimum sheet size                 SRA4

Maximum paper thickness       500gsm

Minimum paper thickness        Please ring for advice

Minimum grip edge required   10mm



Lamination is a department constantly in production here at ‘Finishing Touch’ we have provided a variety of returning clients with the perfect finish. Whether you’re in the market for something to make your printed products stand out or seal your print in neatly we have an assortment of lamination suitable for every need.

The appearance of your printed goods can be enhanced by using a high gloss film or combine a matt finish with a gloss varnish.

We have also invested in more niche products such as antibacterial coating, which is ideal for products used in the food industry such as menu’s, coupons and vouchers. The laminate still looks sharp and professional, however it ensure that very little bacteria will remain.

Some of the lamination available at Finishing Touch:

  • Soft Touch

  • Anti-Scuff Film

  • Silk Film

  • Gloss Film

  • Matt Film


Lamination can make the finished job more durable and last longer, they also ensure inks don’t crack when folded.


To find out more or to discuss your requirements please contact us on 01744 810786.